The true jewel in life

Originally posted on Serryn O'Regan:
What defines us. Is it what we do, or is it more? When we realise it is more, there is a very special realisation awaiting us – the true jewel in life comes not from outward success but from the quality in which we do everything we do. That…

The birth of my son

I was admitted into the Gold Coast University hospital on Christmas Eve, 2014. I was 40 weeks pregnant with a very large tummy and I was ready for my baby to be born. By the end of the pregnancy, I had carpal tunnel syndrome in my hands and this nerve pain would wake me up…Read more »

12 Self Care Tips For Mothers

  Having a child turned my life upside down. My relationship with my husband changed, there was tension from the lack of sleep we both experienced, financial pressures, and I was beside myself with being at home full time with no other friends around me who were local, who had just had a baby. When…Read more »

Are we an intelligent species?

I have always thoroughly enjoyed watching Sir David Attenborough’s comprehensive series on the animal kingdom of our planet. You can feel his enthusiasm for all animals in the way he documents how they live. And yet, it makes me wonder why we, as a human race, call ourselves the most highly evolved and intelligent species.…Read more »