I have always thoroughly enjoyed watching Sir David Attenborough’s comprehensive series on the animal kingdom of our planet. You can feel his enthusiasm for all animals in the way he documents how they live. And yet, it makes me wonder why we, as a human race, call ourselves the most highly evolved and intelligent species.

  • We have the ability for complex conversations and recall of knowledge
  • Technology to help our lives become easier
  • Access to food and drinks like no other animal
  • We can travel the world easily
  • We have ability to kill in masses, and
  • We can live in comfort with our material things.

But can we say that we are better off now than we were in the past?

In Sir David Attenborough’s documentaries, there is much to learn from animals. The wild animals do not suffer from illness and disease like we do as a race. They do not experience issues like war, violence, corruption and greed. The weakest animal will die off and/or become extinct eventually if need be.

We do not see the animals over-eating to the point of becoming obese. We do not see them harming their bodies with food or drink that’s not right for them. We do not see them going to war with each other unless it’s a territorial fight or a mating race.

So, can we ponder on the following basic questions;

  • Do we ever stop to feel whether we are in fact hungry at a certain meal, or whether we are doing it out of habit? Where does this idea come from?
  • How often do we overeat and feel bloated, nauseous, or terrible?
  • Do we eat foods that don’t agree with us, and then continue to still eat them? This applies for drinks too.
  • How frequently do we have a reaction or emotions come over us that make us want to eat?
  • How often do we use drinks like alcohol to take the edge off life and escape from our daily stresses?
  • Do we use coffee or other stimulants to give us a boost in energy to get through the day? Do we even stop to feel why we need this boost?
  • How often do we over-ride our body with our mind and push through doing things without stopping to rest?

Watching these animal documentaries show that they live from a whole body intelligence. This is something that humans struggle to do. We have a society of human beings now that are sicker than ever before. For example, obesity is on the rise, which can be seen in our young children.

“Animals are trying to live, we humans exist. They eat to live and we slowly kill ourselves with food. And we are told we are the superior or more intelligent species” ~ Serge Benhayon (Esoteric Teachings & Revelations pg 439)

We need to be humble enough to stop and learn from nature. This means returning to the simplicity that animals live with:

  • how they survive and live harmoniously with each other, and

  • how they respect their bodies and each other in their habitat

Some animals will only eat when nature provides the time for it. Some don’t eat for months on end and are sensitive of how they use their bodies and conserve energy. I’m not suggesting we go back to being the hunters or gatherers, simply to look at our relationship with our bodies, our health, living, food choices, and sleep.

Returning to our true connection

When I had my son, I was blessed by the simple yet powerful wisdom that he lives with. He is so beautifully connected to his body and his sense of himself. He is so aware of everything around him, feeling life from his body, communicating purely from himself, and honouring this always.

The whole body intelligence is a science that Universal Medicine, has presented to me. It presents the fact that the mind overrides the body. We have been conditioned by ideals and beliefs, flooded with images and pictures of how we need to be, how life needs to be, and what we need to do.  We have accepted a lesser way of being, where the mind can over-rule the body and trick us into a way of life that is disharmonious.

Connecting back to our body, the stillness in the body of the Soul, is our way back to living with true whole body intelligence.

By Leah Pash

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